Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inspiration in a fish - fried orange roughy & tequila-cilantro-lime wild rice/black eyed peas

"Hey hon, did you get anything for dinner?"

"Nope, can you grab something?"

"Sure, I'll swing by Winco on my home."

"What are you thinking?"

"I dunno, I'll figure something out."

I wandered the isles thinking...

Kale for $1.49 a head? Sure! I'll just grab some cherry tomatoes, a bell pepper, red onion, and we've got ourselves a salad. 

In the bulk isle, I looked for something weird. Wild rice? It's black, and I've never heard of it. Perfect! I'll just grab some black-eyed peas to go with it. Now how to flavor these?

Hmmmm, I've got it!  I'll just grab some cilantro and 4 limes. I'm sure we've got some tequila at home. I'll make reduction! That sounds nice and fancy!

Now what meat? Hey, is that orange roughy? I haven't had that since I was a kid! We could fry it in bacon grease. Mmmmmm... But wait, wouldn't it be better with some crunch? I'll grab a little corn meal too...

I'll just top all this off with some Gouda cheese and wine, and I'll be set!


I got home a few minutes after 8pm, and we were eating by 9. I think we overdid the lime a bit, but otherwise everything was fantastic!

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