Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday Run Day + Snow and Ice

My friend Judd and I are signed up for a race next weekend, 50K for me, and 20 miles for Judd. The race is called the "Frozen Feet" 50k Ultra-marathon.

Rather than rest and go easy the weekend before the race, I couldn't help myself, and ended up getting out for a 13 miler with Judd on Sunday (after a short 5 miler on Saturday to break in some new shoes).

With all the precipitation we'd had lately, combined with abnormally warm temperatures, I thought we would be slogging through deep mud on our run, with maybe a little ice where the moisture had frozen overnight.  I was right on the ice, but wrong on the mud.  Our run was predominantly snow.

Not just snow, but as we got higher, DEEP snow!

We ran up the Shingle Creek trail to it's intersection with the Boise Ridge Road.

We paused for one quick photo and then had to keep moving to avoid getting chilled.  As we turned and headed down the Dry Creek Trail, snow was falling from the sky at an increasing rate.  There was enough snow on Dry Creek to allow us to absolutely BOMB downhill!  Running down the trail at speeds our legs could barely keep up with, running up the sides of banked turns, and leaping over small stream crossings was SO FUN!  

Eventually the stream crossings got a bit more technical and we had to slow down a bit.

Overall our time was nothing to brag about, but we had a GREAT time, and both had HUGE GRINS on our faces when we finally got back to the car.  

Final stats: 12.9 miles with 2200+ ft of gain.  

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